7307SHK - SONY 2000 WATT

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Backed by 2000 watts of sheer power, the SONY Shake is guaranteed to get them on their feet. 3-way bass reflex system, mesmerizing color and lighting patterns, connect to playlists from your laptop, iPod, MP3 player or even burned CDs. Create DJ-like sound effects and record tracks by plugging a USB flash drive in and take it to go.
4 DJ Effects Create your own customized mixes and add life to the party with an isolater, flanger, sound flash, and phaser effects.
MP3, iPod, and USB Compatible Allows you to play your own music via an external USB device, MP3 player, iPod or even from your SmartPhone.
2000 Watts One of the most powerful systems available of its class.
Dual USB Ports Duplicate tracks, and use both USB ports to mix tracks from both devices. This adds a unique style to the music you play.